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The Animals

There are lots of animals to see at War Horse Valley Country Farm Park! 

Joey the Horse

Joey is a bay coloured horse with a big personality!

The Miniature Shetland Ponies

Two miniature shetland ponies called Syrup and Saffron. 

The Sheep

There are two different breeds of sheep that we keep on the farm. Devon Long Wool & Charollais.

Read our blog post "Spring is the time for lambs" which talks about our new flock of baby lambs for 2017 and also the differences between the two breeds of sheep that we keep.  

The Alpacas

We have five alpacas called Mocha, Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso and Frappy.

Read our blog post "20 things to know about alpacas" 

The Geese

We have two geese called Gertie & Gregory which wander around the farm. 


The Chickens 

We have chickens which lay organic eggs. 

The Rabbits

We have a rabbits called Dotty.

The Pigs

We have pigs that we keep on the farm.

The Ducks

You will spot a flock of call ducks and runner ducks over on the farm pond next to the museum. 

The Pygmy Goats

Meet our two Pygmy goat kids, their names are Heidi (black one) and Maria (brown one). They are eight months old, extremely fun and friendly.

Read more about them in out blog post.